2 - Donnie Thompson

In today's content filled episode, we talk with Donnie Thompson, world record powerlifter and innovator in the field of strength preparation. In 1998, Donnie started competitive powerlifting and hasn't turned back. He is the first human to ever total 3,000 lbs! Donnie has 8 all-time World Records in professional powerlifting. This includes three bench press records, two squat records and 3 total records. His 3000 lb Powerlifting total Is now only shared with David Hoff. Industry gurus like Pavel, Kelly Starrett, Dick Hartzell and Louie Simmons have worked with Donnie personally in the past two decades.

Today, Donnie has wrapped up his powerlifting career with the chase and success of the 3000lb total. He worked 6 years for Progressive Sports Physical Therapy in West Columbia, South Carolina, acting as the Strength and Mobility Director for the 10 clinics statewide. Donnie now works with athletes from all over, teaching and implementing his Strength Preparation protocols specializing in ankles, hips/lower back & shoulders. Donnie’s inventions include the famous belt squat belt sold world wide through Spud Inc., the Thompson FatPad by Rogue, the Thompson FatBells powered by Rogue, numerous Body Tempering devices, the Boomstick and the Donnie Thompson BOWTIE by Spud Inc.

Donnie travels to many universities, high schools and training facilities throughout the country teaching and sharing his powerlifting experiences and training methodologies. He is in high demand for his rehab techniques and performance protocols. Teaching eager athletes, trainers and coaches to help others increase and sustain performance, he has worked with everyone from CrossFitters to football teams. He recently launched his Body Tempering Certification in October of 2017. For more information, go to Donnie's website at bodytempering.com and be on the lookout for a course near you!

Joshua Jeffery