60 - Goals, Priorities, & Behaviors

Happy Holidays Better Faster Podcast Listeners! On today's episode, the guys dig into goal setting. They talk about the importance of setting realistic goals with your patients and clients and how to dig deeper into someone's behaviors to determine their real priorities when you feel like things aren't adding up. Check out the list of 7 priority questions that Josh uses with his clients when he feels there may be a disconnect between someone's stated goals and their actions (adopted from Sharon Prete). We can use these questions to reverse engineer someone's priorities by examining their behaviors.

1. What do you consider to be your personal space and what is common to all those spaces?

2. You have 24-hours in a day, besides sleep, how do you spend your time?

3. What are you doing when you feel most energized and alive?

4. Where are you most organized?

5. What engages you and captures your attention and focus the most?

6. What goals have you set that show signs they are coming true?

7. What do you love talking to other people about?

Joshua Jeffery